Automation is transforming the way business and its operations work. By streamlining processes and saving costs, business leaders around the world are now looking to leverage the power of automation.

However, these solutions cannot achieve the success they were build for without a deep understanding of the product and a clear approach.

ABP brings together a team of consultants consisting of highly skilled and successful individuals that have a rich knowledge of process automation.   

Drawing on our years of experience working as customers through to now as suppliers, finding the correct mix of strategy, methodology, services, and tools we have found is the key to success.

By setting out four key areas of automation initiative, we cover all key items to ensure your automation solutions provide the best results.

It is about laying foundations that create sustainable change.

​​Manage: By reviewing and challenging your current approach, we help you to define the best solution and meet your business objectives. Our vast experience means we know what works and how differing operating models can suit different businesses.

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Operating Model

Assessment & maturity model

Portfolio Management

Best Practices 

Governance & Ownership

​​Discover: One of the best ways to grasp what a customer really needs is to take a step in their shoes. Taking this head on approach allows our consultants to get to grips with the needs and expectations. Having this first-hand view provides the perfect opportunity to establish the correct priorities.

Client Journey & Insights


Process Modelling & Transparency

Project & programme management

Portfolio Planning

Automation prioritisation

Teach: Teaching and developing the knowledge of our clients in how to utilise the solutions is crucial to a successful implementation. Performing this from the outset via our established training programmes means our clients get the right level of expertise right the way through their process automation journey.

Knowledge Transfer

Onsite Training

18-25 academies

Build: Applying the technology into tangible use cases is the final piece of the jigsaw and our favourite part. Having developed the appropriate capabilities & skillset allows us to provide a holistic approach to all automation process projects.

Business Process Management

Content Management

Robotic Process Automation

Onsite, Nearshore & Offshore

Decision Rules & Events

Document Capture

Technical architecture

Support 24*7*365 

AI/Machine Learning



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