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AI-Powered Automation Training Courses

ABP acknowledges the surging demand for AI and automation expertise, affirming the need for ethical empowerment in career advancement. In 2019, we founded the School of Automation, driven by a commitment to support individuals and businesses in navigating this evolving landscape while upholding ethical standards.


Central to our ethos is the belief in empowering individuals to forge successful careers. The School of Automation provides a diverse array of industry-recognised training courses, tailored to upskill or reskill professionals while fostering ethical awareness.


Whether through self-paced online learning or interactive group sessions led by trainers with 25 years of experience, our offerings prioritise empowerment. We stand by our commitment to guiding individuals through their career journeys with integrity, ensuring that every step taken is one of growth and personal empowerment.

ABP Training - The School of Automation Team at our graduation ceremony

Maximise Your Potential in AI-Powered Automation

By choosing the School of Automation, you gain access to over 20 years of industry experience delivered through cutting-edge training content and facilitated by experienced trainers. Our vendor-certified training instantly recognizes you as a process automation developer and provides hands-on project experience to jumpstart your career. Additionally, building in-house skills through our training programs will accelerate your RPA transformation and position you for long-term success. 

Committed to Excellence 

As a testament to our commitment to high-quality training, the School of Automation offers a diverse range of industry-recognised automation courses tailored to meet your specific needs. Our technical team possesses over 25 years of experience in the sector, ensuring that our training content remains up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with industry best practices. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in your career and reach your full potential. 

Flexible Learning Options 

We recognise that everyone’s circumstances and learning preferences differ. Therefore, we provide flexible learning options to accommodate diverse needs. Our online learning portal enables you to progress at your own pace, allowing you to fit the training around your current commitments. For those seeking a more interactive experience, we also offer technical trainer-led sessions for groups, fostering collaborative learning and discussion. 

Guidance and Support

Throughout your training journey, our dedicated technical team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you opt for self-paced online learning or participate in group sessions, our experts are readily available to answer your questions, clarify concepts, and ensure your success. 

ABP Training - Students having conversation at their graduation ceremony

Building careers, changing lives, and making a difference through AI-Powered Automation

Invest in your professional growth and join us at the School of Automation

  • Apprenticeship:
    Kickstart your automation career with our comprehensive Apprenticeship program in partnership with the School of Automation (SOA). This modern pathway provides personalised and technical training to equip you with the necessary skills for a successful entry into the automation industry. Learn more
  • Professional:
    Enhance your business-specific skills with our industry-recognised automation training courses. These courses cover topics such as Citizen Developer training (UiPath and IBM RPA) and Process Automation Developer Training, enabling you to develop expertise in key automation technologies. Learn more
  • Knowledge Transfer:
    Experience a tailored automation training program consisting of four progressive stages. This unique approach allows you to gradually progress from pilot projects to full-scale deployment while ensuring knowledge transfer between our experienced ABP consultants and your teams. Our consultants provide hands-on guidance and support throughout the software deployment and go-live process. Learn more

Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer a range of training programs designed to cater to various skill levels and objectives, including:

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