We defined a set of key capabilities that, combined with traditional process management, allow us to support our  Intelligent processes concept.

To support those capabilities, we selected a set of Partners that represent not the only state of art technologies and consultancy services but also share our vision, values and customer focus.

With its highly advanced capabilities makes it a vital component to enable global enterprises to design, deploy and manage a full-fledged robotic workforce. The UiPath platform provides highly intuitive process modelling, efficient deployment leading to rapid adoption of automation [+]

IBM provides a full-featured, consumable business process management suite. It includes tooling and runs time for process modelling, design and execution, supports rules and events, along with capabilities for monitoring and process optimisation. work that is executed within the platforms. It is specifically designed to enable process owners and business users to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes [+]

Making Processes & Blockchain flexible and practical ! Aurachain is a low-code enterprise platform which allows the visual creation of both blockchain enabled and off-chain digital process applications [+]

Dynatrace is an application performance management (APM) software company. The company's services include performance management software for programs running on-premises and in the cloud. This software manages the availability and performance of software applications and the impact on user experience [+]

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