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SABE Your gateway to digital transformation. Simplify with content management, workflow for SMB platforms.

Introducing SABE, the cutting-edge automation platform engineered to propel small and medium-sized businesses into the future of efficiency. Built upon a foundation of extensive ABP consultancy expertise, SABE is your gateway to a seamless digital transformation. With its robust content management system, streamlined workflow processes, and advanced robotics capabilities, SABE simplifies the complex, making automation accessible and manageable.


SABE is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for growth, enabling businesses to harness the power of automation easily. Whether you're looking to refine your operations, enhance productivity, or revolutionise your data management, SABE is tailored to fit your unique needs. It's the perfect partner for SMBs embarking on their automation journey, providing the tools and support necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Elevate your business with SABE—where innovation meets practicality and where your journey toward automation becomes a reality.

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The SABE Solution

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Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs/SMEs) face the pressing need to embrace automation to survive or expand.

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SMBs encounter regulatory and security complexities comparable to those faced by larger enterprises.

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The expenses associated with automation, such as software costs and setup, pose significant challenges.

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Due to their size, many small businesses are overlooked by major vendors and consulting firms.

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Tailored specifically for small to medium businesses, SABE empowers them to concentrate on their core operations while we facilitate their expansion.

Process Automation Simplified

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Simplicity of use

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A License Model To Suit Your Needs



  • Per user per month

  • Pay yearly and SAVE 5%

  • 8h*5d Support



  • Per user per month

  • Minimum pack 10 users

  • Pay yearly and SAVE 10%

  • 8h*5d Support



  • Per user per month

  • Minimum pack +50 users

  • 24h*7d Support


Client Testimonials


"Our partnership goes back to 2006, with the implementation of our document management system. In 2009 we engaged with them to automate accounts payable processes, on the SABE platform. Streamlining the invoice processing operation has resulted in saving per invoice processing costs and also freed up valuable time for our finance team. SABE was instrumental in helping us supporting our process excellence journey. The platform allowed us to easily automate some of our most critical processes allowing us to focus on the core of our activity."


"We have been working with SABE since 2007 and they have helped us automate our invoice payment and purchase order management process. In 2015 we migrated to the SABE platform which made it possible to dematerialize our finance operations completely. It’s easy to implement and supported by a brilliant team of automation experts."


Our Clients

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