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Successfully Delivering Automation & AI Projects

Our delivery solutions extend beyond mere technological innovation, embodying a deep commitment to understanding and achieving our clients' unique goals. We practice value engineering at every step, ensuring that our solutions are not only advanced but also cost-effective and efficient. This approach allows us to tailor our services for maximum benefit realisation. Our streamlined benefits realisation practice involves continuous engagement, ensuring that the value we deliver is both tangible and aligned with your strategic objectives. By choosing us, you embark on a journey that prioritises not just cutting-edge technology but also the smart, value-driven achievement of your goals.

Comprehensive Automation and AI Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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We excel in delivering comprehensive services in automation and AI (AI-powered automation), offering a unique approach encompassing a full spectrum of capabilities. As a one-stop shop for independent advisory, we specialise in providing customised solutions that cater to a diverse range of needs in the automation and AI arena.


Our services are designed to offer strategic guidance, seamless technological implementation, and innovative solutions, all under one roof.


Our commitment as an independent advisor is to prioritise your best interests, ensuring unbiased and tailor-made strategies that drive your business forward. With our expertise, you gain access to a holistic service experience, simplifying your navigation through the complexities of automation and AI, and ensuring that every solution is aligned with your specific goals and challenges.


The Four Pillars of a Successful Project Delivery

Best Practices

Unlocking Success in AI-Powered Automation

Process automation success isn't just a matter of deploying software that lets you automate a few workflows. Instead, modern systems are becoming intelligent, gathering data from across lines of business to handle more complex processes. We bring our experience and understanding of the processes together in best practices to ensure success of automation projects.


Proven Frameworks for Delivery 

Whether you are looking to automate a manual data entry task, link disparate systems or conducting competitive research; our process automation experts follow through a best practice delivery methodology that ensures you get the best and quickest return on your automation investment.  Our delivery methodology is built on years of experience and comes from a variety of different projects we have successfully delivered. We offer a rare combination of strategy, tested methodologies, support services and low-code award-winning tools to ensure the success of your automation project.

Business Understanding

Tailored Solutions for Your Requirements

Identifying the business problem or an opportunity is the step towards transformation. Most of our consultants come from a  business background and that helps us understand your business. After the problem or an opportunity  is identified, the delivery team comes in play and builds a solution. This solution may be composed of one or multiple technologies, that we have in our tech belt.

Fast Track Assets

Accelerating Time-to-Value

ABP has been investing in creating products that solve common problems faced by our clients. We dedicate our time and resources  in creating re-useable assets that helps our clients reduce the time to go live and get quick return on their automation investment.

Best Practices
Businss Understanding
Fast Track Assets
Unlocking the Power of Digital Transformation with ABP Consultancy
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Why ABP?

We have all come from the client side of making this work. At ABP we understand the challenge for any organisation is to transform the customer experience, reduce cost and achieve growth, and all at the same time. We have developed a holistic approach to advisory which rooted in the practicality of delivering change that is sustainable.  We pride ourselves in building automation journeys and use cases that augment business process and deliver on business goals.

Your trusted partner in AI-powered automation

ABP Consultancy is committed to bringing digital transformation strategies to life. We bring over 150 years of combined consulting experience to the table, ensuring our clients achieve their business goals through the power of automation. Irrespective of where you are on your transformation journey - discovering how automation could help your business or setting up a Centre of Excellence (COE) for process automation, you can count on us as your trusted advisor.

Join our growing family of happy customers across the globe.


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