Building an automation solution that is long lasting and successful, requires a variation of supporting steps and procedures in place.

The implementation of these actions is as important as the deployment itself.

At Agile, we understand the importance of support to an automation solution and that is why we have developed at 24/7, 365 days of year support team to assist our clients. 

Providing this support is essential to our clients and ensures that they are kept fully in the loop with all that is happening with their automation solution while also having a safety net option.



Split into three critical elements, our expert team are on hand to ensure our clients solutions are maintained and working to the highest standard at all times.

These three elements are:

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Advice and Training (Ongoing)


Any bugs, infrastructure issues or even a major failure can all be dealt with immediately by our specialists.

Clients can access our online ticket system (Linked below) and file any issues that they have discovered.

Having this easy to use, around the clock support framework in place means our clients can have confidence in their automation solution even if things go wrong.

Additionally, the advice and training support we provide when fixing these issues helps our clients to learn and understand more about the automation space and their specific solution. This comes in handy when dealing with any further issues that may arise.   

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