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Providing clients with an integrated solution at the intersection between business and technology means that our consultants ARE NOT what might - politically incorrect - be labelled as “code monkeys”. That is not to say that deep expertise is not valued here. In fact, within our company, we have several colleagues with over 30 years of experience in IT. However, each of them possesses a skillset just as diverse as the age diversity on the team - which currently ranges from 19 to 63.

With this depth of experience covering both sides of the fence (supplier and client), our experts have seen the varying results of solutions and discovered what works and what doesn’t. Because of this, we have been able to learn from our failures and put ourselves in the shoes of the client. Having this 360-degree view of our projects, our clients have confidence in our ability to provide successful results.

What differentiates a consultant from a developer, in our view, is that consultants accompany and partner with clients throughout the full business automation journey - from needs assessment and “as is” process mapping, through hard-core coding, RPA development or software product installation, all the way to the end result. And that end result typically comes in the form of RPA or BPM solutions and more importantly, clients equipped to operate at higher speed and put their efforts into what matters more.


Also, due to the way in which we work with our clients, most of our consultants are “fluent” in several technologies or, at the very least, eager to gradually master new ones. All our team are automation technology experts, and that is proven by the fact that individually we are all certified in our respective roles. This ensures that during the whole automation journey, our clients know they have a high-level expert on hand at all times.

Moreover, aspects such as establishing strong client relationships to better capture their needs become as important as the quality of your code. And rest assured, quality is also important to us. No matter if your job title reads as a junior consultant or head of technology, the code that is produced under abp consultancy’s umbrellas is always peer-reviewed.


Staying agile in the way we identify and deliver solutions to our clients also translates into manifesting internal agility. Apart from always being on the lookout to improve and automate our own processes, that also means that we purposefully rotate consultants to different types of projects.

With that, comes the chance for our consultants to experiment working on different challenges, with different teams, technologies and at times, for clients located in a country different from that in which you are based.

Adapting to the challenges your business face, we draw on our experience to figure out the best approach and guarantee to use tested methodologies and best practices.

For our clients, this means that they will never run out of “fresh perspectives” and that they will always get a great mix of skills.

As a company, we keep continuous learning embedded into the day-to-day, craftmanship work, instead of imposing it upon employees in cumbersome ways and boring classrooms.


Especially in domains such as finance or IT, which are stereotypically portrayed as “straightforward”, the belief that there is a common-sense tends to be… well, more common.

However, we are all shaped by our backgrounds and the lens through which we see the world often depends on the experiences we have had. The more diverse those experiences, the more lenses we can put on when solving a problem. And the more empowered people feel to show the different skills they hold in their personal toolkit, the higher the chances not to miss an important, valuable perspective.


The automation industry is an exciting space that is constantly changing as the world continues to adapt to more technological advancements. As a result of this, the automation industry has seen rapid growth over the past 5-10 years.

Because of the ever-changing nature of the industry, working in automation is a career that requires a lot of creative ideas to be tried and tested before being developed into a solution. We want to encourage our consultants to continue to think outside the box and allow them to think out loud.

The automation space has seen companies make huge differences to various industries and their outlooks for the future. Big organisations are seeing the value of automation more and more each day. Solutions are expanding from minor problem solving into essential tools to help and support businesses.

At abp, we want to continue to make a positive contribution to society through automation. In providing automation professionals of the future via our School of Automation, we hope to do our bit to help the industry continue to thrive.

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