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Process Automation use cases for HR

Robotics aids Leaving and Salary Processes for HR Professionals

Last month, we shared in our blog how we have been working with clients within both human resources functions and the recruitment industry to help them identify the ways that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can support both the business and candidates during the recruitment process.

We offered insight into how an increase in automation levels can help reduce manual & tedious work by automating tasks around matching job profiles and the onboarding process for Human Resources teams. It’s not just limited to these as there are many other ways RPA can support HR needs - such as the leaving process and salary/payroll tasks & Reporting.

Given the pressures Covid-19 has put on businesses and the workforce, companies must invest in the right technology and solutions to ensure that their teams- in this case, the HR department – can free up time for the crucial face-to-face meetings.

Robotics have seen an accelerated growth that shows no signs of slowing — UiPath claims organisations could free up 40% of HR professionals’ time using RPA and make the workplace happier and more human-centric.

Leaving Processes Aided by RPA

When an employee leaves a company, there’s a whole host of documents to be filled out or filed as part of the process. For one of our clients in Construction & Engineering, there are around 60 different types of documents/actions needed. At the same time, each activity could 15-20 minutes on average per leaver if performed manually.

ABP helped automate the leavers’ process using RPA by training the robot to replicate a person’s actions while contacting all relevant departments to kick off the leavers sub-processes. The robots can even log into CRM systems to update holiday allowances and schedule the appropriate exit interviews.

The additional benefits of using robots to automate the process include:

· Reduce manual and repetitive tasks – meaning staff free up their time and workload

· Reduce backlog enabling faster response time

· Process standardisation resulting in increased accuracy

· 20+ hours of effort saved per leaver

Salary & Compensation Reporting

Another use case that ABP has put into practice for a Healthcare Provider is tracking and reporting on payroll information and work absences. An area where efficiency and accuracy are critical factors. At the end of each month, an HR team at the healthcare provider spent a significant amount of time gathering data and documents meant for Social Security, including salary information – each with different deadlines to add into the mix.

However, process-heavy tasks such as this can be offloaded to RPA bots, giving them the ability to log in to the client’s financial application to extract and process the documents. Data is captured, and the robot accesses the third-party sites to upload the documents as required.

The benefits include:

· ​Error-free monthly delivery and ensures that all essential tasks are completed on time

· Time-consuming processes are taken care of, and the HR team can focus on higher-skilled tasks

· Removal of re-work and errors through 100% accuracy

· Dashboards for every process, including exception metrics, bot usage/ capacity and bot productivity

About Us

ABP is a Business Process Management company specialised in developing tailored and “fit for purpose” automation solutions for our clients.

We believe that processes are the heartbeat of any organisation. Delivering technology-based end-to-end processes provides a holistic view that results in tangible performance metrics, continuous improvement and improved customer experiences.

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