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Health of Ministry Case Study - IBM Operational Decision Making (ODM)

Decision making project

ABP Consultancy worked on a project with the Ministry of Health in Israel to implement a decision management software. Their responsibilities include ministry plans, supervises, licenses, and coordinating with the country’s health care system.

The Ministry of Health – Israel's objective

With COVID -19 being a huge part of the world, the Ministry the Health saw a big shift in the perspective on how to handle pandemics. We have built the basic infrastructure for them to scale, build resilience, manage variations, and manage the COVID-19 vaccination process.

There are different consequences for every citizen depending on their vaccination, genome test, antibodies test or diagnosis status. Their long term is to have a central decision management system to cover the whole aspect of decision making and not focus solely on COVID-19.

Demo – Introduction to ODM

ABP showcased how ODM (Operational decision management) tool could be used to manage the assignment of COVID-19 status of Israeli citizens. The demo showed the client how they could use the information stored in the master health ministry database to automate and speed up decision making around providing the green badge to the citizens.

Collating Information from legacy systems

ODM brought data from various systems together including:

· Data from the immigration authority

· Data from the healthcare provider

· Vaccination providers

· Period of time between vaccinations

· Time frames of COVID-19

Measures for security

The installation of the software is done on premises, our consultants worked remotely to install the software and configure it as per the Ministries requirement. As part of the service, we provide training to staff members on how to use the software.


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