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ABP Consultancy acquires STEP TI

Reinforces its position as a leader in the automation market

Long-standing partners - ABP Consultancy and STEP TI are proud to announce a new phase of their relationship. Sharing the same vision on digital transformation, both companies join forces to deliver innovative and efficient automation solutions.

This acquisition strengthens ABP offerings within the Content Management and Document Capture market. It will allow ABP to diversify its client portfolio within the Iberian market. The acquisition also allows us to market new Software-as-a-Service solutions across our content management and process automation portfolio.

“This acquisition highlights our maturity, confidence and commitment in providing robust, high-quality automation solutions for our customers. I am very excited to welcome every member of STEP to the ABP family. We have been working together for over a decade, and this takes our partnership to the next level. It gives us coherence to innovate and further improve our services for our clients.”

- Jorge Soares (ABP Group Charmain)

“This step is the logical continuation of our many years of working together. We are very honoured to become part of the ABP family, where we expect to continue to grow both at a personal and a professional level. And, in doing so, add value to both companies and our clients” – Aires Reis, STEP Partner"

“After years of working together, this came quite naturally as the next step, one that will allow all of us to tap further into our potential as a team. We are very thrilled to be the newest member of the ABP family and look forward to helping further expand it” – Rui Antonio, Step Partner

Intelligent Automation as a Service

With more than 20 years’ experience delivering SaaS solutions to its clients, STEP has developed and successfully brought to market one of the most innovative SaaS offerings in the automation space – SABE.

SABE is a service that integrates digital documents, human resources (internal and external), applications and processes together. It allows users to define, execute and control processes in an agile, rigorous, transparent, auditable and secure manner.


Step TI is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. It was formed in 2000, with a focus to provide high-quality information systems. Step TI is driven by an experienced and qualified team who works in a flexible structure that gives them the ability to respond to customer needs quickly.

About ABP Consultancy: ABP Consultancy has its headquarters in London and subsidiaries in Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Denmark and Spain. It specialises in developing tailored and “fit for purpose” digital experiences for enterprise clients. ​ ABP is a dynamic and motivated team of consultants who have holistic knowledge of technology and processes.

Clients, partners and analysts recognise ABP as one of the top players in the Business Process Automation (BPM + RPA) market. We have over a decades of hands-on experience working on customer side projects. This experience helps us understand client requirements and differentiate us with our consultative approach. Our clients refer to us as trusted partners for their automation journey.

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