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New Geography Announcement

As we continue to grow as a business here at abp, we are delighted to announce that we have opened a brand-new subsidiary and office in Israel which represents the first abp office to be located outside of Europe.

Our confidence in the business and location means we will be onboarding a full team (local) that can offer all services in the hyperautomation portfolio from pure consultancy to deep technical skills…and yes we already have local clients.

Why Israel?

There are many reasons as to why we have chosen Israel as our next office location. The main reason is that Israel is one of the most exciting tech hubs in the world, with highly skilled professionals, innovative solutions and exciting start-ups.

This is an opportunity not only work in this market but also learn with the remaining tech ecosystem to help map out the future of the industry and the decide best directions to take.

We are proud to be able to make such an investment during a period that has caused much turmoil for many businesses around the world. We would like to thank our clients and staff for their continued support and hard work.

As we opened the Israel office, that is not all we have lined up. Stayed tuned as we have plans in 2020 to expand further across Europe as well as making our first steps, in 2021 into the United States.

We are very excited about these new steps we are making and hope we can continue to help clients build and scale their hyperautomation initiatives across the globe.


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