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It is no secret that an employee that enjoys their work will naturally perform better in their job. That’s why at Agile Business Process we have built a workplace with the intention of helping our business automation consultants to enjoy and thrive in their path to automation success.

We are always on the lookout for passionate, new consultants to join our team. While we have four office locations dotted around the Greenwich meridian and an organisational structure aligned to the countries in which the large majority of our current clients operate; we see ourselves as one team.

Creating such a tight-knit team has naturally evolved from the way in which we operate with our clients. Our team are proud of the work they do, and this is reflected in the results our clients achieve.


From experience, we know that individuals feel free to learn and innovate the most when every experience is seen as an opportunity. We encourage our employees to experiment and give them the freedom to work and discover new, best practices. This only moves them further on the road to innovation.

To create an environment where all employees feel free to learn, different ideas are welcome and encouraged. Informal, hierarchy-free communication for all our staff marks our philosophy of support and ongoing learning.

Abp has grown as a leader in automation technology by continuously adding like-minded consultants to its team and we want that to continue.


What are some of the characteristics of a healthy workplace in automation?

  • Open communication

  • A group that is ready to listen to new ideas

  • A place to learn and experiment

  • The ability to allow individuals to mould their own paths

  • The option of working on exciting, new projects

  • The chance to experiment working with a mix including the newest, best technologies

  • The diversity to work in a team and individually, remotely, from an office or from a client’s site

The automation space has seen companies make huge differences to various industries and their outlooks for the future. Big organisations are seeing the value of automation more and more each day. Solutions are expanding from minor problem solving into essential tools to help and support businesses.


At abp consultancy, we want to continue to make a positive contribution to society through automation. We are always working on new and exciting projects.

Quoting our talent manager “We are excited to get automation enthusiasts on board to help us continue to excel in creating and implementing new and innovative solutions.”

Providing these solutions is in our DNA and by joining our team you will become an integral part.


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