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ABP Consultancy Recognised as a UiPath 2023 Partner of the Year Award Winner

It was announced last week that ABP Consultancy was named a UiPath 2023 Partner of the Year at the annual UiPath FORWARD VI global user conference. The awards recognise partners who demonstrate commitment to bringing the transformative force of AI to life in the enterprise through automation. ABP was awarded the Automation for Good winner for the EMEA region during the UiPath FORWARD VI conference in Las Vegas, the largest global gathering of automation professionals.

ABP Consultancy CEO and Founder said, "This award is more than just a token of recognition; it signifies the power of determination to bring about meaningful change. Our program has methodically supported individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and forged career pathways that truly enhance people's lives.

This is precisely what ABP, through our School of Automation, in partnership with UiPath, has accomplished over the past two years—empowering hundreds of new professionals in the field of automation.

Our aspiration is to substantially extend this initiative, not only across Europe but also throughout the Middle East and Africa, expanding the scope from automation to encompass Data & AI."

The UiPath Partner Program enables partners to gain a competitive advantage, grow their business, and increase profitability. UiPath is the industry’s only end-to-end business automation platform and is designed to reshape the way humans work. For any business, organisation, or enterprise keen to harness the power of AI to gain competitive advantage, only UiPath can operationalise AI through automation—seamlessly integrating intelligence into everyday operations, automating all knowledge work, up-levelling employees, and revolutionising entire industries with AI at Work.

“I’m excited to congratulate ABP on its recognition as a 2023 UiPath Partner of the Year,” said Kelly Ducourty, Chief Customer Officer at UiPath. “AI at Work is about turning AI potential into AI results. UiPath delivers rapid business transformation for the AI era by combining the agility and speed of enterprise automation with machine learning, natural language processing, and new generalised AI and Specialised AI capabilities. Our partners are critical to enabling customers to achieve these results and gain a competitive advantage in their markets.” We would also like to give a special mention to Flutter UK & Ireland, one of ABP's largest customers in Ireland who also were on stage receiving an AI10 Award. Which marks the most innovative uses of AI-powered automation. Congratulations, a very well-deserved award for all the team.

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Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson
23. Okt. 2023

Wonderful news Jorge Soares and well deserved recognition that we can stay true to our belief that AI and Automation can benefit both the customer and people delivering it, part of the circular economy vision we have been championing since the beginning.

Gefällt mir
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