We believe that processes are the heartbeat of any organisation. Delivering end-to-end processes provide a holistic view that enables tangible performance metrics, continuous improvement, and engaging user experiences.


We have a strong background based on years of hands-on projects on the customer side that we leverage an essential foundation for our approach as a company.


We learned through experience, as customers and suppliers, that the secret for success relies on finding the correct combination of strategy, methodology, services and tools.


Business Rules


ECM & Capture

Artificial Intelligence

Application Performance Management

We don’t get excited about new technology until we can apply it in tangible use cases



Moving from a successful PoC to a successful programme is critical in deriving the potential benefits of process automation. 


This point of inflexion requires an established governance, a plan that reflects your priorities and leverages reuse of standardised capability components and finally, the right people focused around a centre of excellence approach to facilitate knowledge transfer.


To enable this, we bring the right:


  • capabilities

  • skill sets

  • experience

  • relevant use cases

  • a successfully tested approach based on low-code/ no-code process automation

Give us a call: +44 (0) 20 3178 8977 or email us to: info@agile-uki.com

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