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Student Spotlight: Carlota Anastácio’s Internship at ABP Consultancy

I have had the opportunity to do a 1-month internship, based in London, at ABP Consultancy. This has given me the chance to immerse myself in the business world and simultaneously learn more about Intelligent Automation (IA). This has been an enriching experience which I am extremely thankful for and that has increased my confidence both personally and professionally. 

Firstly, I would like to highlight the positive environment at ABP Consultancy that allowed me to feel comfortable to ask questions and learn from the people around me. In addition, I had the unique chance to meet with colleagues from different departments to learn about their roles at the company. This allowed me to understand the various areas of the business. This was also possible due to the courses provided at The School of Automation. During my time at ABP Consultancy, I did various research about IA and ABP’s partners and clients. I believe these research tasks were extremely beneficial for me as they allowed me to understand the importance of Intelligent Automation and how businesses interact with one another. However, my most memorable experience at ABP Consultancy has to be my trip to Dublin to attend the AI In Practice - A Business Partner Journey to AI Success conference at IBM. I was able to immerse myself in the business world and simultaneously listen to so many people share their experiences at their companies. All the experiences shared above have allowed me to understand better what I would be more inclined to work in the future and gave me a good solid ground about how the workplace functions. 

Secondly, as most of my experiences were positive there are a few points in which I believe an internship can be improved. There were a few times in which I found myself with not much to do, of course, because other people were busy, but I would have liked to explore a few more tasks. In addition, it would have been beneficial to attend a client meeting which was not possible due to schedule. 

Lastly, after this internship, I will, of course, finish my bachelor's and do a master’s however it would be a possibility for me to apply for a summer job at ABP Consultancy or a job in the future. At the moment, the departments that appeal to me the most are sales and revenue, marketing and finance. I believe I can add value to the company as I am a creative and committed person, always eager to learn more and find solutions outside the box. I am passionate about helping others and collaborating with different people. In addition, my international background, experiences and education have given me a very open mind, problem-solving skills and adaptability. If I were to organise my first month at ABP Consultancy in the future I would divide it into two parts. In the first two weeks, I would like to be presented about ABP and how tasks are addressed. It would also be important for me to meet the chiefs of each department and understand their job to get to know the team. In addition, I would start learning about my department and get to know my team (a dinner or gathering could be interesting). In the third and fourth weeks, I would keep learning about how things are done at ABP and start to get to know the clients. At the end of the first month, I would prepare feedback about my first month to deliver to my line manager.

In conclusion, my experience at ABP Consultancy has been very fulfilling and a great experience that I am thankful for. I hope I contributed in the best way possible and am always available if needed. 


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