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How is process automation rescuing the supply chains?

Around the globe, many companies across all matter of industries are facing the biggest supply chain issues in decades. We, as consumers are feeling the pain - from the chaos around fuel to rising prices of food, these are all indicators of the supply chain not being able to adapt quickly enough to changing market conditions.

Just this week, the Independent reported ( that 45% of consumers plan to avoid the big online retailers when Christmas shopping given the supply chain concerns. Pre-pandemic and Brexit, customers had expectation levels of receiving goods almost instantaneously when ordering online.

Online data storage and automation are two areas businesses are exploring more and more these days – so, can it be the solution to identifying stock issues and problems in your supply chain before it becomes critical?

Here are just four reasons why automation solutions could be a saviour…


Automation has become key to making processes in businesses run in the most efficient way they can – not only by helping to rule out human error and fasting processing times, but for supply chains, it can help keep on top of inventory management. The more data there is, the more intelligent the processes and rules will be - particularly during unprecedent times when demand could be ever changing. For the most part, there should be cost reductions and little human involvement needed, too.


Process Automation can also enhance transparency in the supply chain to spot issues as soon as they arise, and most importantly it won’t break the chain and will keep business processes running as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.


Thanks to integrating robotics and automation, forecasts are much easier to see and if there are supply chain issues, businesses can prepare accordingly by putting intelligent rules into place to track order patterns, sales cycles and future scheduling.

Data, Data, Data

At the core of everything when it comes to automation is the data and the way it is collected, stored and used. If as a business you already automating processes such as invoicing and accountants payable, then why not try it for all your supply needs? In turn, as well as being the most effective way to do business, it will improve supplier and customer relationships going forward.

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