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Hyperautomation -What is it and why it matters?

We hear a lot of buzz around HyperAutomation and for a good reason. Hear from Jorge Soares along with Chris Duddridge in the discussion as they cut through the noise and discuss what HyperAutomation is.

Is HyperAutomation different from RPA?

And most important - why it matters now more than ever.

This webinar addresses some of the key questions around Hyperautomation:

- HyperAutomation is a combination of technologies. What are these technologies that come together to accelerate businesses automation capabilities?

- How does HyperAutomation differ from pure RPA?

- Where should you start with automation?

- What are the typical challenges businesses see

- What is the future of automation, how is the application of technology going to change, given the changes in the world order?

Hope you find the information useful. If you have any questions for Chris or Jorge please feel free to email your questions to and we get back to you.


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