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The hype around automation is huge, with a lot of inflated and confusing messages around how to do it and what to expect.

A lot of vendors, coming from different backgrounds, bring different solutions and services. Some of them are more focused on consultancy and others on technology but very rarely do they cover the 360 needs for an automation journey.

The market hype, the absence of skills and the focus on a product are examples of reasons for failure or the main obstacles on scaling these initiatives.


Partners have the obligation to help their clients understand and promote the benefits but also to help remove the “marketing buzz” and bring clarity to the conversations.

An automation journey is way more than just a product. It is about getting the right understanding of the business challenges and using the right combination of skills, experience and the correct technical capabilities to deliver the desirable outcome.

It is easy to do a pilot or a small project…the bumpy road starts when you need to scale the initiative…how?

a) How do I govern the initiative?

b) How to move from project to an enterprise initiative?

c) What services and tech capabilities do I need?

d) Do I find the right next things to do?

e) How am I going to operate?

f) With whom and what skills?

Those are some of the questions that a partner should be able to help you answer by bringing the right knowledge into the conversations.


ABP brings together a team of consultants consisting of highly skilled and successful individuals that have a rich knowledge of process automation.

Drawing on our years of experience working as customers through to now as suppliers, we understood that using the correct mix of strategy, methodology, services, and tools is the key to success.

We have advanced expert knowledge in all things automation and see ourselves as leaders in the industry. A clear example of this is our hyperautomation work we have carried out for our clients.


The phrase hyperautomation is one that is thrown around a lot by companies in the automation space. Defined as an end-to-end automation solution, hyperautomation harnesses the power of multiple technologies such as RPA, AI and Machine Learning.

This year Gartner named hyperautomation as its #1 strategic technology trend. However, here at abp, we do not see hyperautomation as anything new. That is because we have been delivering world-class hyperautomation solutions to our clients for years now.

Ui Path quote hyperautomation as “The key to scaling sophisticated automation across the enterprise with speed and efficiency.” This ties in with the automation first mindset which again we at abp have been adhering to. Using our experience on both sides of the fence, we have entrusted our clients to take a step into the automation world and they are now reaping the benefits.

We want to continue to provide world-class solutions to our clients and being ahead of and in the know about trends such as hyperautomation is a clear example of how we are doing this. We are always on the lookout to see what is next and how these upcoming trends can benefit our clients.


  • Providing expert advice

We provide independent, pragmatic advice based on years of experience in the industry. By putting ourselves in our clients shoes, we grasp a clear understanding of what they want out of their automation journey and guide them in the best direction. Our team of consultants have spent their careers on both sides of the fence and hence know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

  • Choosing the correct roadmap.

As a result of having an in-depth relationship with our clients, we assist in selecting priorities, execution planning as well as design activities. Clients may already have a vision of the direction they want to go in. A trusted partners role is to assess those options and advise accordingly.

  • Augment automation architecture knowledge and support design activities and reviews

The role of an automation partner is not just to provide and implement a solution. It is also to teach clients about automation and develop their knowledge in applying the technology

  • Coach resources and transfer technical knowledge and experience

Using the years of experience our consultants have, we can transfer our knowledge and skills to ensure our clients can be confident in using and presenting the automation solutions.


  • Enhance capacity to review, discuss and challenge external deliverables and practices

  • Produce recommendations and methods to better manage and control delivery risks

  • Support to establish design principles, guidelines and reusable patterns

  • Advise on and document automation practices, methodologies and frameworks

  • Embed the start small, scale fast and continuous improvement mindset in everyday conversations

  • Prototype, implement and pilot ideas in order to test new approaches

  • Design of structural reusable components

  • Generate ideas and innovative solutions to address business needs


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