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New Geography Announcement - Angola

ABP Consultancy Expands Its Business into Angola, Unlocking New Opportunities for Growth.

ABP Consultancy, a leading consulting firm, is excited to announce its expansion into Angola, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth strategy. Building on its successful track record in providing sophisticated consulting services across EMEA, ABP Consultancy is poised to bring its expertise and innovative solutions to the dynamic Angolan market.

In order to strengthen our relationships with existing clients and expand our reach in the market, ABP Consultancy is thrilled to announce our presence in Angola. Our primary objective is to enhance our proximity to our valued clients and offer them greater support in unlocking new growth opportunities. Additionally, we are committed to assisting organizations in driving operational excellence and fostering sustainable development in this dynamic and promising market. We are excited about the possibilities this expansion brings and look forward to working closely with our partners and clients and exploring opportunities in the wider market of Angola.

ABP combines intelligent process automation technologies with operational design thinking to fully understand, explore, deliver, and support clients' automation journeys. T-Impact unleashes the power and potential of digital transformation, placing intelligent automation at the core of organisations with smart and intuitive technology built for success.

Jorge Soares, CEO of ABP Group said "Our expansion into Angola represents a significant milestone for ABP Consultancy. We are thrilled to bring our global expertise and tailored solutions to this market.

Jorge added, "We recognise the immense potential in Angola and are committed to partnering with organizations to drive growth, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainable development."

Irina, Managing Director for Angola added, "I am honoured to be a part of ABP Consultancy's expansion into Angola, a market brimming with untapped potential. We are eager to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to support organisations in Angola, driving growth, and fostering sustainable development. Together with our team of dedicated consultants, we are committed to unlocking new opportunities, empowering businesses, and making a positive impact on the Angolan business landscape."

Stay tuned to keep up to date as we continue our ABP journey.

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