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We are a Business Process Management company that specialises in developing tailored and “fit for purpose” automation solutions for our clients. Processes are the heartbeat of any organisation and delivering end-to-end process solutions is our passion. 

By bringing together our knowledge of technology and experience of consulting, we bring a 360-consulting view to any business problem. We can help discover the correct automation path for your business before drawing on our experts to deliver and support the chosen solution. We are an avid user of this technology and have the experience of applying process automation to solve our clients business problems. This is what differentiaties us from other technology providers.

We’re not just technology experts, we work with all our clients as their trusted partner.

We also encourage our customers to build their knowledge and understanding and use automation to achieve their business objectives, build their own specialised teams and centre of excellences (COE's). Our team combined have hundreds of hours of hands on experience that they are ready and are keen to share.  

The automation industry is an exciting space that is rapidly changing the way industries operate. Being able to help so many businesses across the world with new, innovative technology is the reason we love our work and why we are always looking to do more.

Our Team

Currently at more than 40 employees, we are a company that is continuing to grow year on year. Dotted across globe, our dynamic, motivated team have a deep knowledge of automation, allowing us to offer a range of services for a successful automation solution. This is thanks to our experts having a wealth of experience in the automation industry both as clients and suppliers. With extensive knowledge on both sides of the fence, we know exactly what our clients want and expect.

Having this level of expertise across our company has led to us to being regarded as one of the leaders in the BPM and RPA markets from clients, partners and analysts alike. 


At ABP our mission statement is clear. To offer unique and high-quality process automation solutions by combining superior IT management with a tight focus on improving business performance. In doing this, we aim to draw on strict technical expertise to offer exceptional overall management of the strategic technology that works as a vehicle for organisational change and transformation. 

By abiding by this message, our clients can be assured that they will receive service and expertise of the highest quality from the outset all the way through to implementation and beyond. 


There are still so many businesses out there who have not yet discovered the power of automation. In knowing this fact, we want to inspire business leaders to explore the capabilities of automation and understand the huge impact it can have on an organisation. 

The great thing about automation is that it is always evolving.

As more and more businesses look to use automation solutions, the solutions themselves continue to adapt and change to suit the differing paths businesses and industries take.

With automation, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Contact Us

Please get in contact if you would like more information on how we have helped our customers through their automation journey and how our expertise, experience and solutions can help you solve your businesses headaches. 

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