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Solving Critical Challenges in Customer Service and Compliance for the Sports Betting and Gambling Industry

Tuesday, 26th of March 2024

10:00 am (Duration 45 mins, 30 mins presentation and 15 mins Q&A)

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​Problems We Are Solving

  • Business Unit Customer Service: Addressing challenges in customer service operations.

  • Business Functions Impacted: Quality Assurance and Audit & Compliance.

  • Quality Moderation of Customer Engagements: Handling 1 - 5 million chats per year with a focus on due diligence and compliance.

  • High Staff Churn: Addressing high staff turnover in customer service with long ramp times for new hires.

  • Regulated Disclosure Compliance: Ensuring continuous improvement of quality monitoring and compliance with regulations.


Please join ABP as we discuss the value of Design Thinking as an approach to understand and prioritise problem statements within the customer services business function in the gambling industry. The solution, co-developed with the client and IBM Client Engineering assembled a set of Data & AI and Business Automation capabilities required to deliver a required business outcome. The resulting Minimum Viable Product was co-developed in 5 weeks together with a supporting business case for operationalisation.

What has been the impact?

Quality of Service: Enhancing the quality of customer service interactions.​

Compliance: Ensuring compliance with fair gambling practices and regulated disclosure.​

Operational Scalability: Ability to scale operations to meet peak demands.

The Solution

Our comprehensive solution addressed the complex challenges faced by our gambling client, streamlining their customer service operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. At the heart of our solution was a sophisticated 6-stage Python data pipeline:


The pipeline begins by seamlessly pulling transcript data from Liveperson via API, ensuring a continuous flow of relevant information.

Transcript Data Extraction:


Leveraging multiple packages and processes, including spellcheck algorithms, the extracted data undergoes thorough cleaning to enhance accuracy and reliability.

Data Cleaning:


Our solution incorporates Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for sentiment analysis, providing invaluable insights into customer interactions.

Sentiment Analysis:


Utilising a custom Watson NLU classification model, the pipeline identifies compliance issues within conversations based on predefined topics and the presence of security-related queries.

Compliance Identification:


Relevant data points are fed into IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), where tailored logic is applied to prioritise conversations for review by the quality assurance team.

Decision Making with IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM):


The culmination of our solution is a dynamic Cognos embedded dashboard, offering the quality assurance team intuitive access to actionable insights. From compliance overviews to weekly performance metrics, the dashboard empowers users to make informed decisions efficiently.

Dashboard Visualisation:

Throughout the pipeline, data integrity is ensured with seamless read-write operations to an IBM Db2 database, guaranteeing the reliability and accessibility of critical information at every stage. This integrated solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides the client with the tools needed to maintain compliance and drive continuous improvement in customer service standards.

Value Delivered

Hard Benefits

  • 80% of QA staff being released to other critical initiatives resulting in substantial staff savings.

  • Cost avoidance and risk reduction in a highly regulated market.

  • Reduction of ramp time for new call centre agents on-key processes.

Soft Benefits

  • Improvement of customer outcomes for vulnerable classes.

  • Focus of QA teams on high-criticality resources and journeys.

  • Improvement of call centre operative work culture by providing a supported environment for compliant journey management.


Webinar Host

Mark Henderson

Chief Strategy Officer

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Presenting the Demo


Frederico Barreto

Data Engineer

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